Lead Nurturing Emails: Definition, Main Benefits, and Best Practices to Create Them

If you have built strong relationships with your prospects, your business growth is guaranteed. And to achieve that, you should build a lead nurturing strategy. The goal should be to support customers at every stage of the sales funnel and eventually convert them into customers. And definitely, email is an excellent channel to nurture leads successfully. Through different types of emails, you can educate potential customers about your products and solutions. 

More than that, these emails can highlight the product’s benefits and show how your offerings can make their lives better. This way, businesses can effectively influence customers’ purchase decisions and boost sales as well. So let’s dive into the topic and discover the advantages of this lead nurturing email and the essential tactics to create them.


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Main advantages of successful lead nurturing emails 

There are several reasons why businesses need to dedicate their time and efforts to creating effective lead nurturing emails. There are different goals that businesses can accomplish following. But let’s dive into some benefits that this type of email offers companies:

✔ Builds authority

By effectively nurturing leads through email campaigns, companies can gradually create an image of an authoritative and credible brand. They can reach that by providing educating and engaging content that targets prospective leads’ needs and desires. More than that, companies can present their brand as a leader in the industry by sending high-quality lead nurturing emails. 

✔ Brings new leads

 If a business manages to successfully nurture existing leads through every stage of the sales funnel, it automatically encourages them to refer the company’s products and services to their friends and social media followers. As a great outcome, companies can also generate new leads.

✔ Increases brand awareness

Lead nurture campaigns can boost brand awareness by connecting with prospective consumers and educating them about the values that your products and services offer. And when the time comes that they try to find a solution, they will choose a brand that successfully nurtures them through emails.

✔  Builds trust 

One of the main struggles that many companies face is gaining customer trust. And emails that are designed to nurture can definitely help to reach that goal. These emails should share vital information for leads, showing that a business cares about its leads’ needs and pain points. This way, eventually, companies can build trustful relationships with their leads. 

✔ It is a cost-effective tactic   

One of the greatest benefits of nurturing emails is saving the business budget. Although finding new leads and acquiring them can cost a lot of money, using emails to guide them through the sales funnel can reduce lead acquisition costs, at the same time, provide the highest ROI.  

✔ Increases conversion rate and sales

The ultimate goal of every company is to grow sales which is crucial for business success. And lead nurturing emails can play a huge role in successfully navigating potential customers through the sales funnel and boosting conversion. According to statistics, lead nurturing can generate 50% more sales leads while demanding lower costs.  

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How to write lead nurturing emails in four ways

Lead nurturing gives the opportunity to reach various objectives, but if only companies managed to build a well-thought-out strategy. Next, we will discuss email nurture campaign best practices and suggest several methods that you can follow to have outstanding lead-nurturing emails.

  1.  Identify your leads and learn more about them

There is no discovery there; to nurture leads successfully, companies should know how to nurture leads and learn everything about their leads. Because the core of effective nurturing is strong communication with leads and the right targeting. It includes understanding what desires and problems leads have and whether your service and solution can serve a solution for them. Having a clear picture of who your lead is does not only help you to create relevant and targeted email copy , but also deliver a positive customer experience,

After finding out the lead’s preferences and interests, define in which stages of the sales journey they are currently. If new leads navigate the market, trying to find products to solve their problems, they may discover your brand. Therefore in this phase, give all the necessary information and persuade them that your offer is what they are looking for.

Some leads have already passed the awareness stages and know and understand your products’ values. Then, it’s the brand’s job to include them in the emails, give additional sources, and share social proof and testimonials. Moreover, when you successfully convert leads into customers, then you can try to upsell your other products or suggest rewards, discounts, and other special deals. Lastly, remember that having a clear understanding of who your email leads is important not only for this type of email but also for triggered email and other types as well.

2․ Segment your leads 

One of the essential steps that you should take to send excellent lead nurturing messages is doing lead segmentation. It is crucial and plays an important role for different reasons to boost revenue. Statistics also prove this by indicating that segmenting companies can get a 3 to 5% increase in returns on sales. Only by finding qualified leads can you direct your efforts in the right direction and turn them into customers.

There are different ways to segment leads and find key factors that characterize your ideas. Let’s discuss characteristic segments:

✓ Geographic- includes leads’ location

✓ Demographic- collects information about leads’ age and gender

✓ Psychographic-  gives an idea about the lead’s values, beliefs, and interests

✓ Professional-  share details of the lead’s occupation and income

After doing this process, you can build customized and targeted campaigns nurturing emails that tailor your lead’s interest and are relevant to their needs. Eventually, you can build more effective email marketing campaigns and increase conversion rates. But it will be beneficial to remember that there isn’t one working strategy to segment leads  and that you can do it one time, and it will work. Based on your business objectives and even the time of year, you can implement different ways of lead segmentation. 

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3. Personalize your nurturing emails

It’s impossible to underestimate the power of personalization in every phase of digital marketing. And lead nurturing messages aren’t an exception because all leads expect brands to have individualized experiences. In the first step, businesses collect the data they need and use it to effectively target leads and create a message that is relevant to them. For sure, using names in the lead nurturing emails is a good idea, but businesses should go a few steps further like offering leads personalized experience. 

In addition to this, if a company has already segmented your email list, it means you can effectively create customized nurturing emails. This way, they can show customers there is value for them and that they aren’t just numbers in your email list. This way, chances are getting bigger that leads will purchase or take another action that you want. Personalization is equally essential for referral email , as it forms the cornerstone of it success.

There are various methods to personalize your messages and enhance your lead nurturing strategies. One of them includes following leads’ behavior and what action to take. In the next stage, companies should create a message that is tailored to that date and will lead to another step.

4. Offer relevant and targeted content

Customers don’t engage with promotional and sales content; that doesn’t give anything to them and is all about the company’s accomplishments. In trying to avoid this and successfully engage the leads, businesses should definitely provide value through their emails. Every lead nurturing email should give something valuable and teach something new. This way, you will strengthen your relationships with leads; they will trust your brand and accept you as a leader in the market.

If you did a hard job and gave value to your email recipients, next part, you should personalize content as well. Create targeted and high-quality content that addresses potential customers’ individual needs and interests. You can choose a content type and even length and formatting based on your lead’s requirements. Speaking about content type, you don’t need to stick to one type of content but try different versions. It can be blog posts that share important information about products and educate them by giving insights. Or you can include infographics that will provide helpful information about different topics. 

Moreover, when sending emails that aim to nurture,  you can share social proofs like testimonials and reviews highlighting for customers how your existing customers benefit from your products and services. Your job is to find the perfect content type that your ideal leads prefer.

What is important to remember when offering various types of content is to keep your brand voice consistent and match it with your values. After managing to create content that is valuable and personalized, you will boost open and conversion rates and ultimately increase revenue as well.

To sum up

Lead generation can be a win-win strategy because it gives leads what they expect from the companies and, at the same time, helps businesses reach their various objectives. In this matter, email remains one of the best and most effective channels for lead nurturing. And here, we have discussed the great benefits lead nurturing emails offer and continue to give steps on how to create successful emails for lead nurturing. It mostly includes qualifying and segmenting leads and giving them personalized and valuable content. Following our tips, you can effectively write nurturing emails that will support your business growth.

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