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Triggered Email: Definition, Main Benefits, and Best Practices

Lilit Yeranyan

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Does your business try to make customers’ journeys as smooth and positive as possible? If the answer is yes, you should definitely consider sending triggered emails.

These are automated, and behavior-oriented messages that help businesses to accomplish various goals. Being relevant and personalized messages, they can turn email leads into customers. In the article, we will dive into its definition, share benefits, and share helpful tips.

What is Triggered Email, and What Key Advantages Does It Have?

It will be helpful to compare them to transactional emails to explore triggered emails. Transactional emails also are triggest by customers’ actions and share crucial information about some kind of transaction. Typically transactional emails don’t have a primary goal to continue communication with email recipients. They are more concise and strict to the point.

On the other hand, triggered messages aim to nurture leads and build long-lasting relationships with them. In their nature, these types of emails deepen relationships with email recipients by offering personalized and valuable content. 

But what is common for both these email types is the fact that they usually have much higher engagement rates than traditional marketing emails.

In addition to that, let’s discuss other benefits of triggered types of email offers:

Build trust

 Trying to create trustful relationships with customers is one of the hardest struggles that businesses face. Sending relevant emails that are triggered by customers’ actions is one of the most effective ways to build customer trust and increase customer retention. 

✓ Improves customer retention and loyalty 

By effectively addressing customers’ needs and preferences, businesses can keep customers coming back and ensure active buyers continue to purchase on a regular basis.

✓ Enhance the customer experience

By being relevant and personalized messages that target customers’ needs, they provide a positive customer experience. They also successfully move customers through the sales funnel.  

✓ Save time                                                       

Being automated emails, these emails help business marketers save time and focus their efforts on achieving other goals.   

Increases revenue

The greatest advantage of this email is that it can help businesses increase revenue. Numbers speak for themselves. Triggered emails have a 70.5% higher open rate,  and that is a great chance for businesses to turn interested leads into paying customers. 

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 5 Tips to create outstanding triggered email

After discussing the advantages that these types of emails, in the next step, we are going to suggest some tactics that can help your businesses to craft successful email marketing campaigns. 

1. Personalize your message

One of the main advantages that triggered email campaigns have over traditional email marketing campaigns is that they are extremely relevant to the email recipient’s needs. And to make these emails even more impactful, you should go the extra mile to personalize them and address each lead’s pain points. This way, businesses can increase open rates and engagement as well.

But the question is how to effectively personalize your message. Fortunately, with data in their hands, businesses can effectively target different groups of customers. As you also should start lead segmentation which will help to understand your customers and build more successful strategies.

Collecting data on purchasing history and learning buying patterns can help you suggest relevant content and targeted recommendations. This way, your businesses can successfully reengage passive customers and turn interested leads.

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2. Ensure that your email offers value 

One of the most effective ways to win email leads’ trust is by offering value to them. And this can be achieved by making your email about them and offering solutions for their needs. By making your message customer-centric, your business indicates that it cares about customers’ individual needs.

There are several tactics that your business can suggest value to email recipients. 

First, including exclusive offers, discounts, and other incentives can be a helpful tactic to add value to your messages.  

Another way to highlight the value of your offers is by sharing product reviews and testimonials. It’s important to keep in mind that case studies and success stories are irreplaceable sources that prove that your products and solutions can make customers’ lives better.

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3. Provide a strong call to action (CTA)

As we mentioned earlier, these types of emails have clear marketing goals. And this makes the importance of having a great CTA even more vital. Those CTAs build around that goal and should encourage email recipients to take the desired action.  

There are several characteristics that an effective CTA should have. First and foremost, it should be as clear and concise as possible. It will be a great idea to use strong action verbs that will convince email recipients to click and take action.

Also, you should place your CTAs in the right place. And try to make the right color choice so your CTA can stand out in the message. Don’t forget the power of testing and do A/B testing to increase the efficiency of your CTA.

4. Optimize your email campaign

There is always room for improvement, therefore, dedicate effort not only to find high-performing CTAs but optimize other elements of your emails. Basically, it’s possible to optimize your copy, subject lines, and visuals. 

You can add recipients’ names to your subject lines, and this way increases the open rate. And in case your subject lines convince people to open it, in the next stage, offer visually captivating content. Thus optimize your messaging by including images, videos, and gifs. 

There is a huge possibility that your email leads expect relevant recommendations, in that case, you need to give your potential customers what they are looking for. In addition to this, when speaking about giving benefits, we mentioned that you could offer different incentives. Thus, don’t hesitate to check what type of rewards and special offers your customers expect.

Lastly, keep in mind that a huge percentage of customers check their inboxes via their smartphones. Therefore, optimize your email for mobiles making it accessible for all types of devices and delivering a positive customer experience.

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5. Send different types of trigger emails 

Your customers are in different stages of the customer journey. This factor makes it important for businesses to send different kinds of behavioral emails. By managing to send emails that are triggered customer actions, you can effectively target different groups of your target audience. 

Let’s discuss several types of triggered emails:

Cart and product abandonment emails

Cart and product abandonment emails play a vital role in improving customer relationships. They remind potential customers to come back and encourage them to purchase products. Customers have already shown interest but later got distracted. It presents great chances to increase sales. The survey has shown that cart recovery emails earn back  3%–14% of sales that can be lost.

In this stage, it’s important to personalize your message showing the email recipients that you build messages, especially for them. Also, don’t forget to use visuals to highlight your products’ benefits

Product recommendation emails

Product recommendation emails also play a vital role for different types of businesses to get new customers and drive great business results. By having data on customers’ previous behavior and purchasing history, you can use this opportunity to upsell your products.   By sending recommendation emails with relevant offers, your business can effectively grow its sales.

Post-purchase emails

Keeping existing customers loyal to your brand is the core of business success. To achieve that, it is vital to collect customer feedback to make improved decisions for delivering a positive customer experience. 

A great option is to send customer service surveys to understand what kind of experience your customers have when communicating with your company. And having this vital information you can make improvements to the customer experience and increase customer satisfaction. 

Another great tactic is to send product review email to the customers who brought your products to see whether your offering meet their expectations. These emails are also a valuable source for businesses to continuously improve their products.

To sum up

Showing your customer that their interests and struggles are vital for your company can guarantee your business growth. And as email remains an irreplaceable medium for businesses to promote their campaigns for their customers, triggered email plays a huge role. 

In this article, we gave a definition of these emails, discussed the main benefits, and also provided some suggestions. Following those tips, you can effectively target customers and reach several business goals. 


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