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How to Write Email Copy That Converts in 5 Ways

Lilit Yeranyan

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Email marketing is, without a doubt, one of the greatest tools for businesses to accomplish several goals. To achieve that, they need to craft email copy with a clear marketing and sales goal and persuade email recipients to take certain actions.

Creating clear and concise copy is the core of a successful email marketing campaign. In the article, we will discuss several reasons why it is crucial for businesses and some steps to help write outstanding copy for email campaigns. 

Why is email copy important for effective marketing strategies?

To completely understand the core of email copywriting, it will be essential to consider that it is written text with a clear goal to convert email leads. Whether it offers to sign-up for a free trial or make a purchase, it should be compelling enough to inspire email prospects to act.

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There are several reasons why companies should dedicate their efforts to creating high-performing copy for their email campaigns։

✔ Attract and engage with email leads

A compelling copy can help grow the email list and keep them interested in businesses’ products and solutions.

✔ Provide value

People’s inboxes are crowded, and to stand out, offering value-based copy can give businesses a competitive advantage.

✔Increase brand awareness 

High-quality email copy can increase brand awareness and, moreover, reinforce brand image․ If a business maintains a consistent tone of voice in copy and other marketing touchpoints, it will boost brand recognition. 

✔Clearly communicates the message 

While visuals are crucial to highlight the values of your campaigns, it would be impossible to convey the message without a concise written copy.   

✔ Establish strong relationships with customers 

Managing to create copy for email marketing campaigns that are actively engaged and give value can turn email leads into loyal customers.

✔Increase conversion

Email copy has the power to convince people to take desired actions, and ultimately, it can help companies boost conversion as well.

Five effective tactics to create compelling email copy

A list of reasons why a business should care about creating email copy can be quite long. After mentioning those benefits, in the next step, we will give strategies that will help you reach that goal and build an excellent copy for email marketing campaigns.

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Write compelling subject lines

It never gets old to emphasize the importance of the subject line because it’s the company’s chance to encourage email recipients to open the message or ignore it. Thus, there are several characteristics that high-performing subject lines should include. It should build curiosity and a sense of FOMO with strong verbs. A strong subject line should grab the email prospect’s attention too. 

Although space is limited, a great subject line will clearly communicate the purpose of the message and highlight values. Moreover, the subject line should indicate that a company knows how to solve the pain points of email leads and offers solutions. In that matter, a preheader can be extremely beneficial for giving additional reasons why email prospects should be interested in opening the emails.

In the next step, don’t ignore the importance of personalization, and even include the recipient’s name in the subject line. It seems a common and small step, but avoiding it will be a huge mistake. Keep in mind that the survey has indicated that personalizing email subject lines can increase open rates by up to 50% and boost engagement. 

Moreover, it’s important to ensure that subject lines are visible to mobile users, as many people nowadays check their inboxes on smartphones. Also, consider adding emojis or using a humorous tone if only it matches your brand voice.

Last but not least, ensure that the subject line is tailored to the copy of your email. If the subject line promises an exclusive offer, then in your message, you should include that offer. In other cases, if email leads don’t get what email subject lines promise, they can unsubscribe and stop engaging with those businesses.

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Personalize your email copy

We have already spoken about how important it is to personalize the subject lines, but it is true of all elements of your email content. Personalization is the core of making successful email marketing campaigns.

Although including the name is an important step, it will be helpful to go beyond that.    

First, companies need to start segmenting their leads and designing personalized copy for each email group. Segmenting leads based on their age, location, and psychological characteristics makes it possible to be relevant to their needs and interests. 

In the next step, businesses need to collect data about customers’ birthdays and celebrate with them their special days by sending birthday messages. Another step is sending milestone email to celebrate their achievement.

Moreover, it’s possible to research customer purchase history and offer them relevant recommendations. In this case, the copy should be persuasive but not aggressively promotional. Instead, it should emphasize the value that people can get from your personalized offer and, this way, grow sales as well.

Lastly, an important step is to make your tone of copy as personalized as possible as this way indicates messages are from a human.

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Employ the power of storytelling  

Storytelling is a powerful art that can make email copy attractive. It hooks email subscribers and encourages them to read the message. When we mentioned that copy should be persuasive but not salesy, storytelling can be a valuable source to advertise by entertaining. In fact, a survey proved that storytelling could boost conversion rates by 30 and increase sales.

One way to make email copy more persuasive is to tell a story. Stories are a great opportunity to communicate with email recipients and influence their decision-making. 

Let’s discuss cases when including unique stories in your email copy can enhance your email marketing efforts.

✔ It engages email leads and creates an emotional connection

Stories, on the other hand, are great for grabbing the consumer’s attention by evoking emotion and influencing their purchase decision-making. 

✔ Storytelling makes copy memorable

Stories present replaceable sources to convey a message and share facts about products and services.

Storytelling humanizes your brand

Storytelling can be a helpful tactic for personalizing your campaigns. Sharing more employee success stories and company news gives businesses credibility.

 ✔ Effectively promote your offers

By telling a story in your email, you can easily show how your product or service solves all the pains and desires of a potential client.

✔ Nurture leads

Storytelling may be extremely helpful for building successful email marketing campaigns. This is true, especially for creating outstanding email newsletters that will grab subscribers’ attention and create an emotional connection thanks to memorable and engaging stories.

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Include psychological elements

To convert email leads via copy, it’s crucial to understand their concerns, struggles, and motivations to target them effectively. In this stage, there are several methods that marketers can follow to craft highly effective email campaigns.

First and foremost, email copywriting should include a FOMO technique (Fear Of Missing Out) to convince email leads to take action. This tactic convinces email prospects that they will lose great opportunities not participating in your email campaigns. 

Another method is including social proof because customers are more likely to trust other customers’ opinions than ad campaigns. Including success stories and testimonials can showcase to a potential customer how a product and solutions improve others’ lives.

In the next stage, a business may consider offering discounts and different rewards to their email leads because it is another effective tactic to convert email recipients into customers.

Test and make improvements

Another step to ensure the success of your email campaigns is conducting an analysis. This is true for email copy as well to identify what elements perform. 

In that matter, businesses should consider doing A/B tests, which send different variants to email groups and define which versions perform better. The process starts with defining the goals of A/B testing and considering what metrics your business needs to improve.

Start checking your subject lines and preheaders to increase the open rate. To increase conversion and click-through rates, it’s vital to test and find CTAs. Next, it’s possible to analyze which tone will be more suitable to use in the email copy.

After analyzing, businesses should make informed decisions and improve their efforts based on collected data.

To sum up

One of the crucial factors in crafting successful email marketing campaigns is creating compelling email copy. It should support the company’s marketing goals and encourage email recipients.

In the article, we have discussed the advantages of great copy for email marketing campaigns and also gave tips that can be helpful for writing it. Following those suggestions, companies can enhance their email marketing efforts.


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