7 Tactics For Sending Emails to Boost Open Rate and Conversion

Email remains a great and powerful communication tool. Despite the fact that new technologies offer businesses new solutions and platforms to connect with customers, email continues to lead. It remains one of the most effective tactics to communicate messages the right way for all kinds of businesses. 

But to enjoy the benefits email marketing gives,  ensure that you follow the proper steps for sending emails. In that case, you can build strong relationships with your email subscribers.

The importance of sending emails to take a business to the next level

It’s hard to underestimate the power of emails when you are trying to accomplish business goals.  Knowing how to design your emails  and send the right message perfectly, you can: 

Drive new leads and grow your audience

Build brand loyalty and engagement

 Build credibility and authority 

 Create targeted and personalized strategies

And in addition to all these great advantages,  email marketing remains the most effective way in the meantime it is cost-effective as well.

7 tactics for sending emails to accomplish your various goals

Creating remarkable relationships with email recipients can be a challenging task. To support you in that journey, we will suggest some tips and tactics for sending emails in the most effective way.

  1. Verify and segment your list

Your email list is the strongest asset and core for successful marketing efforts. But you need to improve and clear your email list. Verifying the contact base should be your priority because if you’re sending emails to invalid addresses, all your efforts will go in vain. But by verifying your data, you ensure that vital messages will reach your target audience. There are different tools that you can use to verify your email list.

In the second stage, you should segment your list of emails in order to increase your open rates because it can enormously affect the open rate if you know the right steps. Research has shown the click-through rate of segmented campaigns is 100.95% higher than non-segmented ones. The reason is that when you segment your list, chances grow that you will have highly qualified readers who will be interested and open your messages.

There are many different ways to segment your list to optimize targeting:

  • Demographic and geographical information
  • Interests and pain points
  • Behavior on your website, on what pages they stay the longest
  • Past purchases and overall income level

When deciding which segmentation tactic you should implement, choose the one that works best for your business and can boost your communication with your subscribers. 

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2. Have a strong subject line

People receive tons of emails, and your job is to stand out and make email users open them. And the email subject line is the factor that can enormously influence that process. People first see it when they check their inboxes; therefore, you need to find ways to create effective subject lines.

Here are tactics that you can follow to create a winning and captivating subject line:

🗸   Create a sense of urgency 

🗸   You need to provoke emotions and create the connection

🗸   Make it to the point and share the reasons for reaching out when sending emails to someone.

🗸   It should be mobile-optimized and you should send how to send email from mobile, making it easier for mobile customers to read your emails.

🗸    Make it urgent but don’t give false expectations. 

🗸    Try to be as specific as possible and avoid vague words.

🗸  Use numbers and symbols. Numbers and symbols can make your subject line stand out in a crowded inbox.  

🗸  Personalized subject lines by including the recipient’s name or providing relevant information about your customers. This way, when sending emails to someone, you can successfully increase open rates.


And putting effort into creating a winning subject line, you can do an A/B test to analyze what version works better and can bring better results

3. Personalize your messages

We already spoke about the importance of having personalized subject lines, and it should be your priority to customize the whole message. Ultimately, thanks to personalized emails, you can deliver a unique experience showing recipients that you care about their needs and not just sending bulk emails. 

Using readers’ names is one most common ways to personalize your email. While it makes people feel special seeing their names, your job is to go beyond that to achieve more significant results. And this is true for different types of emails; regardless of the fact you send transactional emails or marketing ones, your should personalize them to get better results.

Start by figuring out in which part you need to focus your efforts. Then make buyers’ personas to effectively target your customers, giving what they expect from you. In this matter, give recommendations to your email subscribers based on their purchasing journey. A survey approved that  91% of consumers may buy products from brands that provide relevant offers and recommendations. Don’t forget to reward your loyal customers by offering discounts and other special deals.

Speaking about appreciating your customers, personalize your messages by sending birthday greetings. Also, celebrate your business anniversary with your prospects by sending milestone email, and make them feel part of your community.

4. Find the right time

You could do a great job segmenting your email list and sending them personalized messages, but if you don’t send it at the right time, you will miss the chance to convert the email leads into buyers. And the reason is simple: email recipients will check their inboxes at their preferred time and when it’s convenient for them. Finding the right time is crucial, especially when you send time-sensitive and urgent promotions and offers.

Typically customers open their emails during their lunch or early in the morning; chances are lower that they will check the inbox at night after finishing their job.  

We already mentioned the efficiency of sending emails in the morning, but the situation becomes more complicated if your email subscribers are in a different time zone. In that case, you need to do additional work to ensure that your message will effectively reach your audience. If you already followed the tip, it means you are considering segmenting your list. Then you need to consider segmenting by location and optimize times when you send for each time zone. Don’t forget to mention the time zone when sharing the message that includes certain dates and then allow subscribers to check times in their local time zone.

And finally, don’t stick to one time and try different options to find out when your audience is checking their inbox. Try sending emails at different times and then analyze the results and the open rates.

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5. Be relevant and highlight benefits

There is no second thought here; when sending emails, you should be relevant to customers as much as possible.  Businesses need to fight hard to get a competitive edge, and also, creating emails should stand out from the many messages people get. 

In that matter, relevancy plays a huge role. Don’t hesitate to show customers why they’re subscribed in the first place. In most cases, there are some pain points that you offered them to solve. Here comes the important role of emphasizing the value you provide that is relevant to their needs. Not just tell about it but also show how your products or services can make people’s lives better. Moreover, by being relevant by addressing customers’ interests and offering solutions, you will build powerful relationships.

6. Proofread your emails

You did a huge amount of work until this stage; therefore, you need to check that nothing could affect the quality and efficiency of your email. So it’s mandatory that before sending emails, you need to polish them. 

The first thing that comes to our mind is spelling errors, and without a doubt, you need to use a grammar checker for that. But pay attention to your tone; make you sound exactly what you want because the primary goal is to send clear messages that your customers will easily understand. Remember the subject line, preheader and CTA play a crucial role; therefore double, check them.

Another effective method to write high-performing emails is to prepare them beforehand. After having the first draft, reread the email later and then check all errors and mistakes, creating the best version.

7. Make email design your priority

When trying to stand out in the loaded email inbox, you are trying to be captivating and engage readers. And here comes the important role of designing your email in the right way. While the email copy is crucial to send a message, you have to leave a great positive impression through design elements.

It should be catchy and have an excellent aesthetic to present your brand image. Include GIF images, videos, and animation expressing your message more vividly. While doing this, don’t complicate anything. Prioritize easy navigation because customers expect a positive user experience. It includes making your email design responsive for all kinds of devices, particularly for small screens.

As a final step, don’t miss the opportunity to design great email signatures to present yourself as a professional brand while trying to build trust with customers.


Wrap up

There is no debate here; you must know the right steps to send an email to increase open rate and conversion. In other words, it is the core of the success of your email marketing strategies. 

We discussed best practices on how to send emails properly. It starts with having a strong and valid email list, creating hooking subject lines, and also expressing the benefits of your message to your readers. Moreover, don’t forget to proofread your emails and find the perfect time when to send them. So you can follow these and other tactics that we go through and effectively build a strong and long-lasting relationship with your email readers. 

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