Email content: Main types and Best Practices to Create Outstanding Email Content

Content has the power to make every marketing campaign more efficient and successful. And email marketing isn’t an exception, as marketers send their message through perfect content to accomplish various goals. One of these can be nurturing leads through educational and engaging content via email newsletters or advertising new products and services through promotional emails. 

In any case, sending the right email marketing content to the right people generates more leads and expands your audience. More than that, email marketing content can drive revenue and increase sales.

Different Email Content Types You Can Send To The Email Recipients

Email content is quite a wide concept; businesses should send different types of content depending on which goals and objectives they want to reach. In this stage, it is vital to define where your customer is on the sales funnel and create a message that is relevant to them.  Email content writing is an irreplaceable source to provide value to both potential and existing customers. 

We will discuss the role of content for different types of emails and give several steps to create great email content. 

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Promotional emails and content

In case having a new product to launch, referral programs, or limited-time discounts, ensure that your email recipients know about all of these. And in this case, promotional emails play a huge role in being a common type of email. Numbers speak for themselves, as a survey has approved that 68% of millennials admitted that promotional emails had influenced their buying decisions.

But do not make your email too salesy and all about your business; instead, share what you have for customers. Add personal touch here to hook readers’ attention. Later, you can offer your readers email marketing content that highlights all benefits of your promotion. What is vital, regardless of the goal of the email and the type of email that you will send, is offering email readers value.  This way, you can build trustful relationships with your readers and boost customer retention. More than that, you even increase your revenue by upselling. 

To increase the conversion rate of your promotional emails, you can also try to send personalized offers based on your lead’s behavior. This way, you can increase awareness of your products and solutions.

A welcome email or welcome series and key factor of content

One of the common types of emails that should have excellent content is welcome emails. It is interesting that those types of emails have the highest open and conversion rates. This is because customers expect to receive welcome emails after buying some product or subscribing to your newsletter. This fact makes the importance of high-quality content more crucial.

You should start appreciating your email leads for choosing your brand. And later send tips on how to use new products or apps they just have purchased. 

A great option is not to send a single email but the email series. In your email series, you can also try to upsell other products that are relevant to your customers’ purchasing history. Here the winning point is, keeping the balance in your email, not to sound too salesy. Instead, highlight for your customers from the beginning that they make the right decision to choose your products and solutions. And your job will be as a company to add more value to your customers’ lives.

Transactional emails and role of content

Like welcome emails, transactional emails also have a high open rate. Statistics have shown that transactional emails have eight times more opens and clicks compared to others and can drive high revenue as well. These types of emails are popular because they contain vital information for recipients. It can be order or delivery confirmations, shipping or security notifications, or another type of email that is based on customers’ actions. 

There is a misconception that making engaging content for transactional emails is hard. Actually, it is possible to share vital numbers and facts about customers’ actions but add creative elements as well. Highlighting your brand image, you can even promote your other products as well.

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Email Newsletters

Email newsletters present a great opportunity to increase relationships with your users. These are messages that you send periodically and successfully nurture your subscribers.

Content can vary depending on the goal of your newsletter. Some companies send messages that share the latest updates about the company. Or it can be a tutorial that gives tips on how to use products and services. The main rule is not to give false expectations about your email newsletter because, in that case, customers may lose interest and unsubscribe from the newsletter.

On the contrary, giving targeted, engaging content that also educates readers can help businesses achieve different goals. You can increase your website traffic or bring new readers to your blogs. Don’t miss a chance to promote your other marketing channels through email newsletters. An email newsletter with perfect content can help you win your email marketing game.

How to write email content in three ways

Defining your goal and what type of email you should send is vital. Knowing how to create perfect content is crucial as well. Your message would reach their audience if you only knew how to make effective content. Here we will discuss some tips that will make your content more successful. 

Write great subject lines and preheaders

It’s hard to underestimate the power of the subject lines, because they are the backbone of great email content. It’s the main source to hook customers’ attention and make a good impression. Write high-quality content for the subject line to make it compelling. This way, you can increase the open rate. Not paying attention to having the right subject line, you will miss potential customers who won’t open your email and, as a result, won’t participate in your marketing campaigns.

You can avoid having low open rates, creating captivating subject lines that are short and sweet but also unique. They also should convey a strong message and can be intriguing as well. But like in the case of inviting readers to your email newsletter, in the case of your subject line, it shouldn’t set false expectations.

To strengthen efficiency, marketers also send preheaders that readers see right under the subject line. They can strengthen your message by giving additional information on why readers should open that particular email.  

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Personalize your emails

Personalization is a highly demanding tactic to increase the efficiency of your email marketing campaigns. Adding personalization elements and making it relevant to each recipient, and addressing customers’ needs and pain points can highly increase the open rate of your emails. In that case, your content can create a trustful connection with customers.  Personalized content is also vital when companies strive to build email outreach campaigns and build strong relationships with leads.

But the question is how to personalize your emails. First, you should segment your email list to send them more targeted content. In addition to that, research the customer’s actions and behavior, in which stage of the customer lifecycle they are, etc. And it will help create personalized email copy that addresses the audience’s interests.

Having this data, you can send them emails to promote relevant products when they have used similar products for quite a long time. But when a customer is a new user, you may send them tips and tricks on how to use your product. Last but not least, don’t forget to include their name, which is a common personalization tactic and increases the efficiency of your email.

Create an email design that stands out   

Visual content plays a huge role in increasing the efficiency of email marketing campaigns. People love to consume visual content more than written text. It will strengthen your message, therefore, include different unique visual content like videos and images and Gif in your emails. To improve your message even more, you put effort into the effective design for your CTA and make it visible. 

Moreover, create a responsive design so that your email content can be viewed on different devices. The general rule here is to prioritize positive user experience. In that matter, do testing and analyze what is working and what’s not to make informed decisions. This way, you can make your email design more outstanding. 

To sum up

Content is the core and backbone of the success of every type of marketing strategy. And you can make winning campaigns with email content. Here we discussed the main types of it and also suggested several tactics to create successful content for your emails.

Following this, you can strengthen your relationships with your email readers and offer them relevant, valuable content. And as a result, thanks to it, you can accomplish various business goals.

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