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Announcement Email: Definition, Main Types, and Tips to Create

Lilit Yeranyan

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Business development is an ongoing process, and during this process, companies have different kinds of news and updates to share with their customers. And they choose to send an announcement email to keep email recipients updated.

These emails are an excellent method to share business-related announcements with leads and educate them about company news and changes. We are going to dive into its definition and discuss some types and best practices for creating great announcement emails.

What is an announcement email, and what are its main types

Announcement emails may have different purposes and want to alert email recipients about a new product or share news about changes within your business. Depending on the goal, there are several types of announcement emails.

✓ A new product or feature release

There is a huge possibility that your business has focused on achieving a new level by creating new products. And here, email marketing plays a huge role in creating excitement before the launch and turning leads into paying customers. 

This is true for new future releases as well. Particularly SaaS businesses are always trying to develop their products by creating new features. They send messages to highlight the values of new futures and inform special qualities of your new release.

✓ An upcoming event

Any type of growing business usually organizes meetings, webinars, and other kinds of events to build a strong community. In this stage also, it’s a smart idea to notify email subscribers about those events and invite them to participate.

Don’t forget to include a schedule of online events so that email recipients fully understand what to expect from this event.

✓ New employee or point-of-contact

Your team growth is a continuous process, and when you hire new employees, that should communicate with existing clients and customers, you have to introduce new hires, so both parties continue to work in a productive way. 

✓ New promotion announcement 

This one also has a clear marketing purpose, which is to advertise the official launch of a new sale or deal. The market is highly competitive, and this makes it even harder to win the customer’s attention. To achieve that, you should deliver high-quality email content that highlights the product’s values.

✓ Website announcement 

Branding is an ongoing process, and sometimes in that context, companies build a new website. And they have to announce this news to email recipients to increase the visibility of the new website.

It’s already clear that the purposes of announcement emails can be different, but in all cases, your job is to give a clear idea of the message and offer to take some action. And if the company manages to create successful emails for announcements, it can help boost customer engagement and increase demand for your products.

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8 tactics to create outstanding announcement emails

All these facts we have discussed have proven the significance of these emails. But the question is how to make your message for announcement effective. To help you in that process, we will give you actionable steps to build an excellent announcement email.

Research your target audience and segment your leads

To make the perfect email that successfully targets leads, you need to completely understand your audience. In this process, you should learn about their needs and concerns and build your message around that. 

After collecting data about your target audience, you should start to segment your leads. For instance, if you maintain customers in different geographical areas, they may be interested in different incentives. With this insight, you can tailor announcement emails to make them more effective. Surveys have shown that segmented and targeted emails drive 60% of revenue and also get high conversions.

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Be concise and brief

The key element to crafting successful announcement emails is making them brief and to the point. At that point, you should avoid unnecessary and distractive details. Instead, effectively communicate with customers and give context by including the most important details about your announcement. 

Concentrate on what’s important for the reader and design your email with a specific goal in mind. In addition, include contact information in case your leads may have additional information or include links that guide pages that will include all necessary information. This way, you can also capture email subscribers’ attention. In addition to that, the email response rate will increase.

Highlight benefits for your leads

We already mentioned that your email should be informational, and a copy of the text should communicate a clear message. That said, announcement emails also give readers reasons why the message is important to them. So highlight the value that leads can get from your offering. Showcase how your new product can improve their lives or what value your event will offer them.

Along with showcasing the value of your announcement, it will be advantageous to suggest different kinds of incentives. This way, you encourage them to join any type of campaign you promote and take the desired action. In this stage, your lead segmentation will be extremely helpful. Having data about your potential customer’s preferences, you can offer them relevant incentives. You can suggest first-time buyers may need a special discount but offer loyal customers referral rewards, encouraging them to refer your new product to their friends and online audience.

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Create an attention-grabbing subject line

People’s inboxes are full of messages, and it’s a challenging tactic to get people to open your email. In addition to this, a survey has indicated that 40% of consumers say they have at least 50 unread emails. To avoid this scenario, marketers should craft a subject line that will interest readers and convince them to open the email. 

Having a catchy and winning subject line is a vital factor for every type of email campaign, which is even more crucial for announcement emails.

The winning subject line must be short and to the point, and the challenge is in that limited space you need to make convince the email lead to open your message. In this matter, don’t ignore the importance of a preheader which is a helpful tactic to give extra information about your announcement.

As challenging as creating a great subject line, it is possible to find one that brings better results. You can accomplish that by doing A/B testing to find out the high-performing subject line.

Include powerful visuals 

While the written text remains important for creating a perfect message, visual elements are super powerful for highlighting your message. Sometimes high-quality images and videos are more impactful than long sentences.

Animated pictures can interest email recipients and also create an emotional connection. In addition to pictures, videos also play a significant role and are the core of the success of any type of marketing campaign. In this matter, you can include in your email an image of the upcoming product to increase excitement or share videos from your previous webinar participants where they tell what it gives them. Also, you can add graphics and GIFs to your email to effectively emphasize its message.

Prioritize your branding

Announcement emails are an opportunity to increase brand awareness. Therefore you need to include your company logo, name, and other branding elements in your email. Besides these branding factors, when sending email announcements, you should pay attention to the language that you are using. It should indicate your brand identity and also express excitement about the announcement.

Besides spreading the word for your brand by promoting brand components, your company can use these platforms to enhance its brand image. This can be done by building a reputation of a company that cares about customers’ needs and creates products and organizes events to add value to their lives.

Personalize your emails 

The core of the success of every type of email marketing campaign is personalization. And this is true in the case of creating an email for the announcement. This way, you can showcase to the leads that you care about their needs and that they aren’t just sales targets.

Include the subscriber’s name in your message. Now it seems an ordinary tactic but it remains an effective way to boost the open rate of your emails.

Timing is extremely important; therefore, send your announcement emails at the right time.

Provide recommendations based on customers’ previous behavior.

Add a strong call to action

Without having a high-performing CTA, all your efforts in your email marketing campaign will go in vain. It should encourage email recipients to complete an action.

To make a CTA that stands out, use strong action verbs that provoke enthusiasm. Also, generate eagerness making email recipients feel that they will miss the great opportunity not taking action.

Remember to make your CTA clear and concise and avoid all kinds of distractions.  

Last but not least, you can include more than one CTAs that will offer email recipients to learn more about your offer.

To sum up

There are several factors that make email marketing extremely powerful. One of the most significant advantages that email suggests to businesses is effective communication with leads. Moreover, there are several occasions when companies need to make an announcement about new products and other business-related news. For that reason, they send announcement emails to keep their email recipients updated. 

In the article, we discussed several ways that you can follow to gain advantages from those emails and even drive more conversions and sales. 


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