Employees create product launch email

Product Launch Email: Definition, Importance, and Best Practices to Create It 

Lilit Yeranyan

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Your company has dedicated much time and effort to building high-quality products. Therefore, you don’t want to lose a chance to spread the word about those products and masirket them successfully. And product launch email can be extremely helpful and will play a significant role in increasing brand awareness. 

Businesses send these emails to promote new products and features and give additional information about the upcoming launch. And as a result, they can boost conversion and increase their sales.

Employees create product launch em

Main reasons why you need to send product launch emails  

The main goal of a product launch email is to create excitement around new launches and encourage leads to become customers and try your new products. But in addition to this, companies can get the following benefits as well:

✓ They increase engagement

Product launch emails represent a great opportunity to successfully promote new services and products, generate excitement, and create interest in your products.

✓ They are cost-effective

Creating email marketing campaigns doesn’t demand a large amount of money from your company budget. In addition to this, the ROI of those campaigns is higher compared to other marketing channels. 

✓ They let to track and analyze 

By sending emails for product launches, you can gain a lot of important data. And after tracking metrics, you can improve your strategies and increase open and click-through rates.

Five essential steps for creating a product launch email

All these facts prove that any kind of business needs to dedicate effort to creating an email when launching a new product. But to make them successful, you need to prepare the right strategy. 

To guide you during that journey, we will explore the most important stages to create a product launch email that stands out.

1. Write an eye-catching product launch email subject lines

People’s inboxes are full of messages, and they spend just a few seconds trying to decide whether to open an email or not. Product launch email subject lines play a significant role in hooking readers’ attention. It is a crucial component where you can interest your potential customers or lose a chance to get new leads. Over 60% of email recipients decide on opening an email based on the subject line. And it is even more vital for a product launch email when your goal is to inform about the upcoming product. 

There are several characteristics that a perfect subject line should have:

✓ It should be short and punchy 

The main goal is to send a clear message to the email recipients. This is true when businesses create different types of emails not only messages that announce product launches.

✓ Create excitement and add intriguing elements

Give reasons for people to open up and learn more. Remember to give readers what you have promised in the email body. Also, add a sense of urgency, making people open your email. 

To write effective and compelling subject lines, you can create several versions. After that, you can do A/B testing to find out which version performs better. Also, don’t forget about the preheader and use them to give additional information and highlight benefits.

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2. Make your emails visually appealing 

There is no doubt that for today’s customers, visuality is vital. Their attention span is extremely short, and to encourage them to read your email to the end, you need to enrich your message with pictures and videos.   

Video content is a great opportunity to share information. It also presents a great opportunity to highlight your new products’ benefits. Moreover, you can also showcase how those offerings would make people’s lives better thanks to high-quality videos.  Statistics have proven that video content in emails can improve  CTR by up to 300%; therefore, your company needs to dedicate effort to creating great videos. 

In addition to videos and images, you can use GIFs to showcase the unique functionalities of your product.  This way, you can boost customer engagement and increase sales. 

Employee designs product launch email

3. Write a powerful CTA 

Until this point, if you have managed to convince people to open your email thanks to a captivating subject line and boost engagement, including visuals in the body. Now it’s time to make the email recipients take action. Only by having smart CTAs, it’s possible to achieve high conversion. Start by offering special offers and motivating leads to take action.

In addition to that, keep your CTA relevant and concise and encourage visitors to take a specific action. It can be joining the waitlist; click your link to get additional information. Next, pay attention to designing CTA by using contrasting colors to make them visible. Also, you can use action verbs when trying to create the best product launch message examples and encourage email recipients to take action. 

Typically businesses include a single CTA not to make their message confusing. But in this case, it’s even beneficial to use multiple CTAs. And the reason is your lead can be in the different stages of the sales funnel. Some of them are curious to explore more about your product or service to decide whether to buy or not. While others will be ready to purchase immediately, so your CTA should serve that goal.

Following this strategy, you can write CTAs that successfully convert your leads into customers.

Employee design product launch email

4. Carefully plan your emails

This is a long cycle, and for that, you may need to create a sequence of emails. The answer is simple. For that reason, you have to create a series of emails to build excitement and interest in your upcoming launch.

There are some tactics to create effective email sequences for promoting a launch.

✓ The teaser or pre-launch email

You need to send these messages two weeks before your product launch announcement, trying to make potential customers excited about your upcoming launch. And share sneak peeks or teasers from your upcoming product. 

Product announcement email

This email officially announces a new product. And also gives detailed information and shares all the amazing benefits. This way, you can influence purchasing decisions and turn leads into customers.

✓ Join the waitlist email 

You can send those emails to invite users to sign up and get product release notifications. In this phase, you can also send a pre-order email, letting your customers place an order.

✓ Post-launch emails

A great option is to create product launch message examples and best versions after launching your new product. These post-launch emails are for gathering your customers’ reviews and feedback. After collecting them, you can make informed decisions and make your campaign more effective.

5. Optimize your email campaign for product launch

There are several tactics that can make your campaign for product launch announcement even more effective. The ultimate goal is to communicate with your leads at the right time and send a relevant message. This process starts by building a clear picture of your target audience. The next stage is segmenting your leads and creating campaigns that address their needs and desires. Lead segmentation will also increase conversion rates.

After segmenting leads, you can start email personalization. Personalizing your new product launch email to customers is the core of every type of email marketing campaign. The data you have collected can guide you to make relevant offers. In that matter, make a customer the center of your product launch campaign. Tell them why your new launch will help them solve their concern and make their lives easier. To achieve that, you need to implement user-centric language. 

Next, you need to find the perfect time to send your new product launch email to customers because it is the main success factor.

Last but not least, you need to include your brand elements, like the brand logo and color schemes to highlight your brand identity. This way, you can also increase brand awareness.

Following these tactics, your product launch campaign will generate better results and get higher conversion rates. 

To sum up

Launching a new product is a challenging task. Businesses input a lot of resources and time to create a great product. Their next goal is to market them successfully. And email is a fantastic medium and has an irreplaceable role in achieving that goal. In that matter, you can create a product launch email that can boost engagement and also convert email leads into customers. To guide you during that journey, we gave some tips and discussed best practices to build successful email campaigns for product launches. Follow them and design an email strategy that will boost conversion and increase sales.


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