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Different Types of Emails You Should Send To Reach Your Business Goals

Lilit Yeranyan

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Businesses face various challenges and struggles in different stages. And email marketing can be a great solution to overcome those difficulties. It opens wide opportunities for connecting and nurturing leads. In that matter, to benefit from email marketing, companies need to send different types of emails to their email recipients.

It is vital to consider that your leads can be in different stages of the customer journey.  Therefore as a company, you may consider deciding how many types of emails you should send to different groups of email leads. To guide you during that journey, we will dive into different types of emails that you can send, but let’s discuss reasons why you should put effort into creating a variety of emails. 

Why do you need to send different types of emails?

Email remains one of the best mediums for companies to connect with their customers and promote their campaigns. Research has shown that the ROI of email marketing is high, as for every $1 a business spends on email marketing, it expects an average return of $40. To make email marketing strategies even more effective, you have to send different types of emails to improve customer retention, and turn leads into paying customers. 

Before starting to build email marketing campaigns, it’s essential to know which emails will work best for your target audience at that exact time. You can do it by segmenting your email list and creating the right email content for each group. New leads who are in the awareness stage need a totally different approach. Your job is to nurture them successfully and wait for the right time to offer them your products. 

And you need to use a totally different tactic for an email subscriber who is already your customer. In these cases, marketers need to use different types of emails to upsell their other products. By creating a variety of emails, companies can increase customer retention and improve sales. 

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Different types of emails your businesses should send

Email marketing is a broad concept, and therefore, it creates an opportunity to send different types of emails to reach various business goals. Here we will discuss those types, their usage, and their defining characteristics.

Welcome Emails

The first interaction with your customer can build a base for a strong and positive relationship. So, it’s vital to make a great impression through welcome emails. Customers receive a welcome email when signing up on a new page or signing up for an email list. And companies need to send a welcome email to reach those objectives:

✓ Celebrate the reader 

Your welcome email should simply thank the subscriber for becoming part of your community.

✓ Showcase your business’s values

The welcome email should highlight what value your products and services can bring to the leads’ lives. Also this way, you can increase brand awareness by spreading the word about your products.

✓ Guide and navigate them

New leads are in the discovery stage, so it’s a great idea to give recipients helpful information and tips and offer a few links, so they know where to go for help. 

 ✓ Add a personal touch

Personalizing your welcome emails shows that you care about new subscribers and brings higher click-through rates.

Welcome emails, as one of the main types of emails in email marketing, represent the opportunity to start positive relationships with email subscribers. But it doesn’t mean you should overwhelm readers and include everything in the first email. Instead, the welcome email should be simple and as relevant as possible. Moreover, you can think about creating a welcome email series to onboard new leads successfully.

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Transactional emails

Transactional emails are one of the most common types with the highest open rate. And the reason is that typically customers receive these emails after some type of action they take on a website or an app. Unlike marketing emails, which have the goal of nurturing leads and promoting products, transactional emails’ primary goal is to confirm the transaction. 

There are several types of transactional emails, like order confirmation emails or shipping notification emails all these types usually include vital information that customers expect to receive.   

In that matter, the content of transactional emails is more clear and more strict to the point. Although transactional email is more straightforward, marketers can add creative elements as well to make them more effective. Moreover, to design high-performing emails, you should add personalized elements that target your customer’s needs.

Eventually, creating a transactional email that stands out can improve customer engagement and increase retention. 

Email newsletter

The significant factor of email marketing is that it provides an opportunity to connect with leads without any limitations. And email newsletters are a great way to build long-lasting relationships with them. Your email subscribers are existing or potential customers that have signed up and confirmed that they want to regularly receive content from your brand. And your job is to give valuable content like guides, blog posts, news, product reviews, and tips. Many businesses successfully do it. Research has shown that 81% of B2B organizations use email newsletters as a part of their marketing strategy. 

There are lots of benefits to sending an email newsletter:

✓ Drive traffic

Newsletters drive regular traffic to websites when you share your website content by including links in the newsletter.

✓ Enhance relationships with customers

The monthly or weekly newsletter is the most significant source for building strong relationships with customers. You can educate readers, share valuable insights and present your company as a leader in the market.

✓ Increase brand awareness

This medium is a fantastic option to educate subscribers about your brand and products. You can share the latest company news and announce new products. Also, offer a sneak peek at your company culture, and celebrate your employee’s achievements in the newsletter.

✓ Support your sales tactics

What is greater is that newsletters being important types of emails in email marketing, can be an excellent source to increase revenue. You can do this by offering newsletter readers special offers like discounts. Besides, with the help of newsletters, you can collect a huge amount of data about customers and then make personalized and relevant offers. And that way, you can convert subscribers into customers.

To gain all these benefits that newsletters suggest, ensure that they provide readers with engaging, helpful, and personalized content.

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Lead nurturing emails

This type of email has a clear goal of converting leads into buying customers. Therefore your lead nurturing emails should highlight the offer’s benefits and show how your products can make their lives better. This way, businesses can effectively influence customers’ purchasing decisions and boost sales as well. 

Those businesses that try to find out how many types of emails they should send should consider creating a lead nurturing email. The reason is these emails help o target users who haven’t purchased anything from your company yet but have shown interest. These emails should encourage them to move forward in the sales journey. 

Lead nurturing gives the opportunity to reach various objectives, but if only companies manage to build a well-thought-out strategy, they can build authority and bring new leads thanks to lead nurturing emails.

To create a successful lead-nurturing email and get all benefits, you should address readers’ interests and struggles. Therefore, this type of email should be personalized and relevant to the recipients.

Promotional emails

One of the common goals of your email marketing is to increase awareness about your product or service. And promotional emails play a huge role in this stage of turning leads into customers.

To master sending the best promotional emails, companies should analyze different types of promotional emails.

Product Launch

There are cases in which your company worked on launching new products for months, so product launch emails should successfully promote your new offering. Subject lines play a huge role in product launches because they should hook readers attention making them open the message. And when you email interested readers, then speak about your products’ benefits instead of concentrating on the features. Don’t forget to give clear information about the upcoming launch and share the date when your leads can purchase new products.

Limited-time offers

This type of email wins customer attention by giving a sense of urgency. Your readers, in this case, have a short time to purchase, so you should decide quickly. 

You should build your limited-time email campaigns in advance. The reason is, that you can give your potential customers an opportunity to buy on time too as well. In addition to this, your message should clearly state when the offer should expire.  

Subscriber-Special Offers

Including special and unique offers in your promotional emails can increase customer retention. It’s important to consider that your customers are at different stages of the sales funnel. Therefore you should treat your subscribers differently and offer them relevant incentives.

Upgrade emails

When communicating with your readers, you may send upgrade emails. This type of email targets subscribers who are using the free plan and may suggest them to the premium one. These emails shouldn’t be salesy as well; instead, they should convince customers to choose an upgraded plan.

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Milestone emails

Milestone emails do not have the primary goal of increasing sales. They strive to improve relationships with customers and show them that your company cares about them. 

Create milestone emails, and start collecting customer data about birthdays and anniversaries when they subscribed and joined your email list. The tone of voice should be cheerful and friendly.

Although the main goal of milestone emails is not to drive sales, they can support a company’s growth. For that, you can offer discounts and free coupons for celebrating a special occasion. This way, not only can you grow sales, but you also make your relationships with readers stronger. The main goal is to create a community with customers who may become brand advocates and refer your products to their friends, family members, and online audience.

To sum up

Email marketing offers endless opportunities for every type of business. Therefore brands can connect, educate, and sell their products to email recipients through emails. This makes it a necessity for companies to send different types of emails. Here we discuss those types and main characteristics and also offer some tips that, if you follow, can improve the efficiency of your email marketing campaigns.


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